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Lauren H. Parry

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

Let me begin by saying that I am not a doctor; however, I am certified to prescribe Travel Therapy, so let me share a bit about myself, my travels and my credentials.  

I believe in living life to the fullest; I love to laugh; I am expressive and passionate. My husband and I have three amazing daughters; spending time traveling with them is my greatest joy.

My love affair with travel began when I was a college student studying abroad in Cortona, Italy. I was captivated by the town, the people, the culture, the history and the unforgettable experiences. Since that summer, I have had the gift of traveling all over the world.

I am often asked, “what was your favorite trip,” this is always a difficult question to answer…  

Italy was my first love, so when I took my family, it was like bringing them home; we sipped Prosecco at lunch, made homemade pasta, marveled at the sites that they had only seen in books, and connected with old friends.

London was a mother-daughter trip that was truly the most fun I have ever had. We feasted and frolicked, enjoying afternoon tea, shopping and sightseeing.

Normandy was special, because the girls and I wanted to experience this piece of history with my husband; you just cannot put a price on these shared moments that evoke so much emotion. 

Placencia, Belize is where we met Mr. Scratch, our beloved Belizean Beach Hound rescue dog that stole our hearts.

Although I am now a well-established and successful travel advisor, in the past, I have had many careers that never fully satisfied me, including interior design, pharmaceutical sales, and instructing at Viking Cooking School. Throughout those professions, the one constant in my life was dreaming, designing and executing travel plans. I finally found what I was meant to do; I love my job!

Relationships are the keystone of my business. I have forged strong bonds with many of the world’s best industry insiders and with my clients. I can say with conviction that I have my clients' best interest at heart. You can trust that I will be transparent, be your advocate, be honest and forthright, and be the best steward possible of your time and money.  

I believe that with my experience, my connections, and my commitment to excellence, together we can design your perfect travel therapy.  



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Travel Reviews and More

"Lauren is such a talented and knowledgeable advisor, our trip to Napa was planned perfectly. We'd wanted to go for years. And then the unexpected happens, 2 deaths in our family leaving 2 children without parents. An all hands on deck cry from above. As I explained to Lauren why we no longer could take our dream trip she simply said let me take over. And she did. Cancelling plans and rooms and even flights from which she arranged full refunds with the death certificates. And all with a gentle, supportive spirit that let us know we had one less thing to worry about. I won't forget her kindness. And I wouldn't travel without her."

-- Elizabeth Mitchell MD

"As we began to plan a surprise 13th birthday trip for our daughter, I was immediately overwhelmed and not sure where to go or what to do first. A friend of mine recommended that I contact Lauren and oh my stars she made every detail completely perfect. There was not one stone left unturned, every detail was planned to a t. I never had to worry about where to go or what to do next. We had a slight change in travel times due to construction and I contacted her on Mother's Day morning and she replied immediately and solved it for me. I can't imagine traveling anywhere away from home in the future without Lauren. Thank you for making this trip absolutely incredible."

-- Jennifer W.

"As always, working with Lauren made everything about our trip flawless and wonderful. She took care of every detail and recommended and booked the perfect places to stay, dine, taste and tour. She is so very thoughtful and caring. She makes the planning almost as much fun as the trip. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Lauren!!!!!"

-- Nancy Boyd

 "Lauren was very intentional and attentive in shaping our trip. She listened to our ideas, while also giving us many options related to our ideas as well giving us many other great options. Lauren was also very comforting and knowledgeable in her guidance when we hit an unexpected travel issue while abroad. We were very grateful to have her to turn to."

-- Ellen

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